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Commercial Property Development Finance & Construction Loans

Recent Transactions

Discover BEDROCK Funding’s recent transactions, showcasing our achievements in property development funding, commercial development financing and construction loans.

Development Site Loan

Gold Coast

$4.25M – LVR70%

Construction Loan – 41 Apartments

Gold Coast

$13.5M – LVR68%
No Presales

Commercial Property Loan


$6.8M – LVR80%

Construction Loan – 26 Lots

Regional Queensland

$6.12M – LVR65%
No Presales

GST Facility Land Loan

Regional Queensland

$420K – 10% of Purchase Price

Construction Loan – 4 Units


$5.2M – LVR65%
No Presales

Construction Loan – 141 Lots

Regional Queensland

$17.2M – LVR65%

Construction Loan

& Investment Debt

$9.1M – LVR65%
Fully Leased

What We Do

BEDROCK Funding is a client-side consultancy that can assist in transforming any complex funding challenges into immediate funding solutions. We are experts in Construction Finance and Commercial Property Finance. Our subject knowledge is unparalleled thanks to a wealth of on- the-job experience and training. When you commit to a business relationship with us you marry into more than 20 years of dedicated financial experience. We make finding the right project funding hassle-free so you can focus on your business.

We at BEDROCK Funding have our fingers on the pulse in the Finance Markets working hard to bring your property development to fruition.

The Directors of BEDROCK Funding are industry recognized specialists who will provide you with advice, guidance, and funding solutions. They have an insider’s advantage to navigate potential funding structures that make the process seamless. Our team works closely with over 50 property development finance lenders and solve complex funding challenges for you. We will assist you to purchase a development site or help you obtain the finances to complete the construction of your project.

We remove the need for a maze of paperwork when we provide you with a no obligation detailed funding proposal. Our loans advanced to our property developer clients surpassed $1 Billion and we are very proud to have been a partner in every single one of those projects.

The portfolio mix continues to be dominated by projects delivering residential product, commercial product (including specialized assests like Service Stations and Child Care), land subdivisions and townhouses.

Looking towards 2024 we are comfortable that we can continue to meet the expectations of borrowers and investors, by diligently reviewing the structuring needs of each transaction and then applying the risk analysis criteria expected of us and not blindly following the pack who see growth as a measure of success rather than maintaining the risk profile of their portfolio.

Why BEDROCK Funding?

Our aim is to become an extension of our clients’ team and represent them in all their funding requirements. As we work in the Finance Markets daily, we have an in-depth knowledge of current market movements, lenders appetites and lender preferences. Therefore solving complex project funding challenges is part of our specialty of services we provide.

We specialize in Property Development and Constructions funding. We can create the solution and the financial plan to enable your vision to become a reality.


We analyse your funding requirements to find the best funding solution which can include Bank Construction Finance, Non-Bank Construction Finance, Mezzanine Finance or Preferred Equity/Joint Ventures. Our services also include Commercial Property Finance, Land Loans, Residual Stock Finance, Bridging Loans.

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    The Bedrock Difference

    Expert Funding Advice

    We’ll consider cost of funds, pre-sales, equity, sponsor experience and project size to find your funding solution.


    We have built solid relationships over many years with the key decision makers of over 50 active banks, institutional funds, non-banks and private investors.

    Tailored Funding Solutions

    We have first-hand knowledge of the current market movements, lender appetites and lender preferences to solve your funding challenges.

    Simplifying the Complex

    Finance is a dedicated niche market, but we’ll keep industry jargon simple for you in Plain English.


    New Titles

    Managed and/or developed projects



    Managed and/or developed projects


    Years Experience

    Managed and/or developed projects

    Simplifying the Process

    Our eight-step process for property development funding ensures you feel empowered and are transparently communicated to along the way.
    1. Introductory conversation

    We will evaluate the scope of your business and any projects that might require a Funding Solution.

    2. Funding proposal

    A proposal will break down the funding solutions which will meet your requirements.

    3. Talk through the details

    We’ll walk you through the funding proposal to confirm our proposed solution will provide the best possible outcome.

    4. Authority to act and credit submission

    We’ll act on your behalf to make a highly detailed credit submission and take this to the Funding Market Place. Our Credit Submissions are detailed and provide potential funders with enough information to make a credit-level decision.

    5. Reviewing terms

    We receive credit-endorsed terms from a lender at this stage. These terms are discussed with you and, if need be, some of these terms are negotiated.

    6. Funding application approval

    The process leading up to formal approval might include a Project Valuation Report, a Quantity Surveyors Report and other conditions to be satisfied by the funder.

    7. Loan documents issued

    After the application is formally approved, the funder will issue a formal set of Loan Documents to be executed prior to settlement of the loan.

    8. Ongoing management

    We’ll stay involved and assist in the management of the facility. We can arrange project reports and attend project group meetings.


    “We have enjoyed a great professional relationship with Pete over the years, having successfully referred clients to him and always hearing positive feedback.

    He has always delivered and we look forward to our relationship with the Bedrock Funding team continuing well into the future.”

    Mike Tomkins

    Director – Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders

    “I have worked with Cornel Mienie Bedrock funding for over 5 years for funding requirements on large residential multi staged townhouse developments in Victoria and found his presentation professional, I also commend Cornel on the continued support to reach the successful construction funding requirements to suite each development stage; I recommend this team who can manage multiple funding options.
    Well done!”
    David O’Brien
    Horizon Synergy Pty Ltd