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JULY ’17 – Construction Finance SnapShot

Over the past couple of months, we have seen a continued growth in the Non-Bank / Private Finance market in the Property market in general and particularly in the Construction Finance realm. Due to the large number of applications the Non-Banks are seeing, we continue to experience that they are relying on existing relationships as […]

4 Temptations Small Developers Should Avoid

There are a number of temptations that see small Property Developers making unwise decisions which often creates a snowball effect of poor decision making. Small Property developers should carefully consider the 4 temptations including accepting the local agents’ appraisal, time and costs involved in setting up separate entities, betting the house and not allowing enough consideration […]

When it Comes to Construction Finance You Need to SEX it up

Packaging up a Credit Submission in the correct way can go a long way to ensure that your application for finance is successful. No credit officer wants to slave through a 90-page document, which is why our Credit Submissions are not too long and cumbersome.  A Credit Submission should be precise and focus on the […]